What is Diamondtoken?

DiamondToken is a digital diamond and rare just like the physical ones.
DiamondToken will fuel transactions in the DIAMOND crypto-ecosystem, redefining the existing features of current De-Fi.

Utilities include Yield Farming, Decentralized Multi-Chain Launchpad and Automated Market Maker (AMM) Swap Decentralized Exchange (DEX). DIAMOND holders and platform users will be able to stake single tokens and farm liquidity provider tokens to earn rewards. Decentralized launchpad (DxLaunch) will give users equal and fair opportunities to participate in presales of new projects that launch on the platform, without any requirements or limitations thereby making it fully decentralized. AMM Swap DEX (DiamondSwap) will enable traders to exchange their favourite tokens in a fully decentralized way. The global De-Fi ecosystem is not static but dynamic. DiamondToken will continue to respond to developments and innovations in De-Fi and improve its ecosystem products to enable users earn rewards.

Problems & Solutions


Launchpad is a new technique that ushered in a new form of fundraising for blockchain and cryptocurrency projects popularly known as IDO (Initial Dex Offering) and IFO (Initial Farm Offering).

These are supposed to allow fair and even distribution of tokens to early investors. Sadly, the current launchpads have been overly rigged against the platform supporters, hence, creating fertile ground for unfairness and uneven distribution. The system is rigged of bot buyers and confusing token sales instructions. Also, centralization gives unfair advantages to the whales who deny other active community participants of the privileges of having fair ownerships of the new projects on the launchpad.



By looking inward, we have built a solution with incredible features that will enable equal opportunities and fair distribution of wealth to all users.

The future of financing depends on openness, decentralized governance and decision-making. The right to vote for or against any future proposed development in the DiamondToken ecosystem cannot be negotiated. All token holders are encouraged to make suggestions regarding features they would like to see on the platform. We invite you to help us improve decentralized financing and public blockchain in general.


Get an insight into the unique selling points, features and products of DiamondToken.



This contains all informations seen on this page and more.

We addressed the current pain points in the cryptocurrency ecosystem and what we have to eliminate them.


We have an exciting road map ahead and commitments with the community.

Q4 2020
Team recruitment
Q1 2021
DiamondToken Launch
Q2 2021
���Token Presale���
���Listing on Pancakeswap, Bakeryswap and Julswap���
���Yield Farming and Decentralized Multi-Chain Launchpad platforms���
Q3 2021
Yield Farming Governance & DiamondSwap
Q4 2021
More usecase to be disclosed later
Q1 2022
Listing on Centralized Exchange


Coin Image


DIAMOND is an utility token that fuels transactions in the DiamondToken ecosystem. It serves as store of value for the true supporters, ranging from token holders to users who provide liquidity and users who stake their tokens in the various pools. Additionally, it is a governance token for community voting and decision making.

Presale deployers/ creators have the option to pay for the decentralized multi-chain launchpad platform fees with discount using DIAMOND. They can also opt to pay full fees using other crypto. Funds generated through platform fees will be held by the team, to either increase staking/farming pools rewards, incentivize token holders or burn them as part of the token deflationary mechanism. Since a maximum of 5000 DIAMOND can ever exist and no more tokens can be minted, it's expected that the aforementioned actions will continually boost DIAMOND value in the open market.

Token Distribution


DIAMOND tokenomics ensures fair distribution, no one will be able to hold the community to ransom or manipulate price at the expenses of other investors.

Symbol:                        DIAMOND

Token Contract:            BSCSCAN

Sales Page:                   DXSALES

Type:                             BEP20

Maximum Supply:         5000

About Team

DiamondToken team consists of dedicated, hardworking and success-driven members. We boast a huge combined years of experience as we have been involved in the cryptocurrency sphere since year 2016 as investors, contributors and developers.